02.23.2017 - Starting March 12th you can view the American Pomeranian Club National LIVE on Youtube: APC Live!

02.19.2017 - Bran and Prue picked up more points this weekend!

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Elizabeth Heckert
Hampton, VA

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Stuff We Use

The below are suppliers for some of the products we use at Silhouette Poms. NOTE: We are not endorsing these products just sharing some helpful resources.

KomfortKrate - Nursery Beds (for moms & puppies)
Gerber Clear View Newborn 5oz Bottles - Great bottles for puppies over 2oz
J & M Exotics - Dog Pens (for mom & puppies)
Amazon.com - Iris Plastic Ex-Pens
Wellness Dog Food - what we feed
Nature's Variety Raw Dog Food - food for pregnant moms & stud dogs
Chris Christiansen - pin brushes

Services Local to Hampton, VA

Auntie A's Pet Sitting - Dog sitter to the stars :)