02.16.2018 - Winston debuted in Colorado with co owner Brenda Heimbach by taking BOB over 3 specials!

01.14.2018 - Bran won BOB and a Group 4 his first weekend out in 2018. He will probably take some time off until summer due to shedding but hope to see more of him soon!

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Stud Service Details

All males are at stud by private treaty only. This means that the stud owner(s) has final say on whether or not the breeding will take place, it does not mean the dogs are available only to our friends. We are always happy to help out well-meaning show breeders (even newer ones) in their pursuit of quality puppies, if they have at least some show experience or a mentor to vouch for them. Email silhouettepoms@silhouettepoms.com for current availability. Some of our males are co-owned and may currently be with their co-owner, but may still be available at stud with that individual.

Breeding Fees

Stud fees vary by dog and are based on the dog's quality and production record. We do offer one (1) return stud service if the bitch does not take or if the puppies do not survive (inquire for exact terms). We do not charge for board unless a breeding does not take place or unless the bitch is left in our care for more than 1 week after the owner is notified she can return home. We do in most cases recommend leaving the bitch in our care for 2 or 3 weeks and this is included in the stud fee unless we inform you that she must return home. We do not charge for airport pick-up/drop-off as long as it is to our local airport (see below) and during "normal" hours (drop-off/pick-up between 8am and 9pm).


Shipping is possible into Newport News International Airport (PHF) or Norfolk International Airport (ORF). We have experience using Delta, Continental and American Airlines from these airports without incident. We routinely ship our own bitches and find it is normally safe and not unnecessarily stressful on a bitch of normal temperament and have had good success with bitches taking after being shipped for breeding. We charge no fee for pick-up from Newport News (Delta Airlines) but do charge a $50 fee for Norfolk (Continental, Delta and American) due to the distance and traffic involved. This fee may be waived on weekends or after afternoon rush hour (7pm). We suggest you use Newport News if at all possible.

International Shipping

Unfortunately I cannot accommodate international arrivals at our small airports, and since I work full time I can't take time off to drive a long distance to the larger airports. So we can't accommodate international bitches unless they are hand-carried on a flight by someone or unless a 3rd party within the USA handles the international portion of your bitch's trip.

Frozen and Fresh Chilled Semen

It may be possible to have a male collected and semen frozen and shipped to your vet. Inquire on whether or not this is possible with the male you're interested in, and do so well in advance as it requires meeting up with the company we use to perform this service. Fees are usually negotiated, typically we sell a collection of 1-4 straws for the cost of collection (roughly $300) plus 1/2 stud fee per straw. You are responsible for all shipping costs. We use ICSB for this service and recommend surgical implantation. We have had some success with this method used with our boys.

For fresh chilled, notify us immediately when your bitch comes in season, and you can order kits to be shipped to me. We recommend the ICSB Puppy Pak and have used this successfully. We have shipped chilled internationally with success, but it requires you to be highly involved in talking to UPS and your local customs to make sure the process goes smoothly, and is probably not feasible for all countries. (We have only used it into Slovenia). Currently I am offering this service for cost of shipping/puppy packs only with a stud fee due upon birth of live puppies. We strongly recommend progesterone testing with this method.

It should go without saying, but this service is only available to those breeding show Pomeranians. Under no circumstances will we ship to those intending to cross breeds.

Be expected to provide me with official documents for the bitch for whom the semen is intended, photos and a pedigree. If I have never heard of you in show Pom circles then the answer will most likely be no and you will need to ship or fly in with your bitch in person the first time. Sorry this is necessary but I am getting way too many inquiries from breeders of mixes that think I am too stupid to ask them what they are intending to use it for.

Health Concerns

If you have concerns about potential health problems for a particular breeding feel free to ask our opinion on the risks. If you have a specific concern in your line (a problem you already have, or a problem you do not want) be sure to ask specifically about that issue.

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