02.16.2018 - Winston debuted in Colorado with co owner Brenda Heimbach by taking BOB over 3 specials!

01.14.2018 - Bran won BOB and a Group 4 his first weekend out in 2018. He will probably take some time off until summer due to shedding but hope to see more of him soon!

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Elizabeth Heckert
Hampton, VA

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I pride myself on being a breeder/owner/handler. Except in rare circumstances, I am always the one at the other end of the lead. Anyone can hire a handler, but showing your dog yourself I feel is an invaluable and neverending learning experience!

>> List of Champions Bred By Silhouette <<

Currently In The Ring

Silhouette's Soldier of Fortune (major pointed)

Winston debuted by winning Best of Breed over 3 specials his first day in the ring with co owner Brenda Heimbach!

02/16/2018 Plum Creek KC of CO WD/BOW/BOB (over 3 specials) Mr. Allen Odom 4 major
Total: 4 pts / 1 majors

Ch. Silhouette's Sweet Disaster

Desi won back to back 4 and 5 pt majors at 9 months old! She finished in just 13 shows winning a BOB from the classes over specials along the way!

09/24/2017 Chesapeake Virginia DFA WB/BOS Mrs. Delores Burkholder 1
09/30/2017 Finger Lakes KC WB/BOS Beth Sweigart 5 major
10/01/2017 Elmira KC WB/BOS Peter J. Green 4 major
11/10/2017 Salisbury MD KC WB/BOW/BOB (over 2 specials) Mrs. Rita Holloway 4 major
11/18/2017 KC of Philadelphia WB/BOS (over a special) Mrs. Jacqueline M. Rayner 2
Total: 16 pts / 3 majors

GCh. Silhouette's Stark In Winterfell

Watch for Bran in the ring!

11/12/2016 Salisbury Maryland KC WD/BOW/BOB/OHG2 Mr. Dana Cline 2
11/13/2016 Mispillion KC WD/BOW Mr. Shharat Sharma 2
12/03/2016 Chesapeake Kennel Club of Maryland WD/BOB Ms. Beverly Capstick 1
12/04/2016 Northeastern Maryland KC WD/BOB Mr. Kenneth Kauffman 1
02/19/2017 Maryland KC WD/BOW Ms. Nikki Riggsbee 2
03/26/2017 Fayetteville KC WD/BOW Mr. Svend Lovenkjaer 2
05/20/2017 Pomeranian Club of Central Virginia WD/BOW Mr. Joseph E. Gregory 4 major
07/30/2017 Bald Eagle KC WD Mr. Alfred Ferruggiaro 3 major
09/23/2017 Chesapeake Virginia DFA Group 3 Mr. Michael Canalizo -
09/24/2017 Chesapeake Virginia DFA Group 4 Mrs. Delores Burkholder -
01/14/2018 Charlottesville-Albemarle KC Group 4 Mrs. Lisa Warren -
Total: 17 pts / 2 majors

Can Ch. Silhouette's Sword In The Stone (major pointed)

Watch for Tarly showing in the bred by class!

07/02/2016 Southern Maryland KC WD/BOW Mrs. Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat 4 major
08/13/2016 Penn Ridge KC WD Mrs. Charlotte P. Patterson 1
09/03/2016 Durham KC WD/BOW Mrs. Stephanie S. Hedgepath 1
10/02/2016 Onondaga Kennel Association WD/BOW Mrs. Doris Cozart 4 major
Total: 10 pts / 2 majors

Ivorilace If I Was A Rich Girl (pointed)

Watch for Tessa in the ring with owner Jessie Klein

10/21/2017 Seminole KC WB Ms. Judi Shurb 1
10/21/2017 Seminole KC WB/BOS Mr. G. Timothy Doxtater 1
10/28/2017 Saline County KC of AR WB/BOS Mrs. Ann D Hearn 1
Total: 3 pts

Silhouette's Seraphim (pointed)

Watch for Missy in the ring in California with her co-owner Lance Carter.

06/04/2015 Yosemite KC WB Ms. Pamela Bruce 1
07/11/2015 Del Monte KC WB/BOB (over a special) Mr. Alan E. Bennett 1
07/12/2015 Del Monte KC WB/BOB (over a special) Mr. Luc Boileau 1
09/05/2015 Redwood Empire KC WB Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy 1
10/03/2015 Donner Trail KC WB/BOS (over a special) Mrs. Terry L. Berrios 2
04/23/2016 Chief Solano KC WB/BOS Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy 1
04/24/2016 Chief Solano KC WB/BOW/BOB (over a special) Mrs. Cindy Vogels 2
Total: 9 pts