04.15.2017 - Bronn finished his championship today! 3rd champion in 3 weeks!

04.09.2017 - Bronn was BOW for a 5 pt major this weekend in Michigan & Doreah was WB for 4 pts in Virginia to complete her championship!

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Elizabeth Heckert
Hampton, VA

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I pride myself on being a breeder/owner/handler. Except in rare circumstances, I am always the one at the other end of the lead. Anyone can hire a handler, but showing your dog yourself I feel is an invaluable and neverending learning experience!

>> List of Champions Bred By Silhouette <<

Currently In The Ring

Ch. Silhouette's Stormcrow

Watch for Daario in the ring with Audrey Roberts in 2017. He finished his championship quickly, finishing at the Sooner Pomeranian Club specialty going BOW.

12/09/2016 Trinity Valley KC WD/BOW Mr. Lewis W. Bayne 2
01/07/2017 Nolan River KC WD/BOW Mrs. Mary B. Napper 1
01/08/2017 Nolan River KC WD/BOW Mr. William DeVilleneuve 1
01/21/2017 Fort Bend KC WD/BOW Mrs. Helen G Tomb-Taylor 1
01/22/2017 Fort Bend KC WD/BOW Mr. Norman B Kenney 1
01/27/2017 Alexandria KC WD/BOW Denys Janssen 2
01/28/2017 Baton Rouge KC WD/BOW Mr. Rodney R Merry 1
03/31/2017 Sooner Pomeranian Club of OK Best Puppy In Sweepstakes Mr. James Fehring -
03/31/2017 Mid-Del-Tinker KC WD/BOW Mr. Charles E. Trotter 3 major
03/31/2017 Sooner Pomeranian Club of OK WD/BOW Ms. Victoria M. Jordan 4 major
Total: 16 pts / 2 majors

Ch. Silhouette's Sellsword

Watch for Bronn with handler Stephanie Hentschel and team! He was BOW at the Pomeranian Club of Greater Des Moines for his first points, a 5 point major!

02/17/2017 Pomeranian Club of Greater Des Moines WD/BOW Mrs. Linn Klingel Brown 5 major
03/11/2017 Logansport KC WD/BOW Mrs. Susan St. John Brown 1
03/12/2017 Logansport KC WD/BOW Mrs. Nena Dee 2
04/08/2017 Saginaw Valley KC WD/BOW Ms. Wendy Schira 5 major
04/15/2017 Steel City KC WD/BOW Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter 2
Total: 15 pts / 2 majors

Silhouette's Stark In Winterfell (pointed)

Watch for this exciting young puppy in the bred by class in 2017!

11/12/2016 Salisbury Maryland KC WD/BOW/BOB/OHG2 Mr. Dana Cline 2
11/13/2016 Mispillion KC WD/BOW Mr. Shharat Sharma 2
12/03/2016 Chesapeake Kennel Club of Maryland WD/BOB Ms. Beverly Capstick 1
12/04/2016 Northeastern Maryland KC WD/BOB Mr. Kenneth Kauffman 1
02/19/2017 Maryland KC WD/BOW Ms. Nikki Riggsbee 2
03/26/2017 Fayetteville KC WD/BOW Mr. Svend Lovenkjaer 2
Total: 10 pts

Silhouette's Strumbella (pointed)

Watch for Prue in the ring in 2017! She won her first points at her first show.

01/13/2017 Greater Fredericksburg KC WB Mr. Robert E. Hutton 2
01/28/2017 Middle Peninsula KC of VA WB Mrs. Rosalind Kramer 1
02/18/2017 Maryland KC WB Mr. Kenneth Kauffman 1
02/19/2017 Maryland KC WB Ms. Nikki Riggsbee 1
Total: 5 pts

Showcase Secrets and Lies (major pointed)

Watch for "David" in the show ring in California with his co-breeder and owner Alane Levinsohn!

04/09/2016 Saginaw Valley KC WD/BOW Mr. James G. Reynolds 2
04/10/2016 Saginaw Valley KC WD/BOW Mrs. Cindy Vogels 2
04/24/2016 Angeles Canyon KC WD/BOW Ms. Pamela Peat 3 major
07/08/2016 Channel City KC WD/BOW Ms. Gloria Kerr 1
09/10/2016 Santa Ana Valley KC WD/BOW/BOB Dr. Gail Forsythe 1
09/11/2016 Santa Ana Valley KC WD/BOW/BOB Ms. Carol Jean Nelson 1
Total: 10 pts / 1 majors

Silhouette's Sword In The Stone (major pointed)

Watch for Tarly showing in the bred by class!

07/02/2016 Southern Maryland KC WD/BOW Mrs. Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat 4 major
08/13/2016 Penn Ridge KC WD Mrs. Charlotte P. Patterson 1
09/03/2016 Durham KC WD/BOW Mrs. Stephanie S. Hedgepath 1
10/02/2016 Onondaga Kennel Association WD/BOW Mrs. Doris Cozart 4 major
Total: 10 pts / 2 majors

Ivorilace If I Had A Million Dollars (pointed)

Leeza was co bred and raised by Kathy Joback and is now out showing with owner Jessie Klein in Texas.

03/05/2017 Bayton KC WB/BOS Mr. Terry Stacy 1
03/25/2017 Fort Worth KC WB/BOW/BOS Mrs. Gloria Kerr 1
03/26/2017 Fort Worth KC WB/BOS Dr. Gary L Sparschu 1
Total: 3 pts

Silhouette's Seen It All Before (major pointed)

Tina is my first bred by black & tan. Watch for her in the ring!

05/27/2016 Langley KC WB Mr. Randy Garren 1
05/29/2016 Virginia Beach KC WB Mr. Dennis McCoy 1
06/12/2016 Skyline KC WB/BOS Mr. Terry Stacy 4 major
Total: 6 pts / 1 majors

Ch. Silhouette's Serenata

Doreah finished her championship from the Bred By Exhibitor class.

05/03/2015 Trenton KC WB/BOW/BOS Mrs. Jacqueline Rayner 2
06/27/2015 Southern Maryland KC WB Mrs. Rita Holloway 2
06/28/2015 Tidewater KC of VA WB Mr. Randy Garren 1
07/05/2015 National Capitoal KC WB Ms. Terri Lyddon 1
08/22/2015 Mid Susquehanna Valley KC WB/BOS Mr. Roger R. Hartinger 2
08/23/2015 Mid Susquehanna Valley KC WB/BOS Mrs. Paula Hartinger 2
09/19/2015 Chesapeake VA Dog Fanciers Assoc. WB Ms. Joy S. Brewster 3 major
04/09/2017 Shawnee KC WB/BOS Mr. John Constantine 4 major
Total: 17 pts / 2 majors

Silhouette's Seraphim (pointed)

Watch for Missy in the ring in California with her co-owner Lance Carter.

06/04/2015 Yosemite KC WB Ms. Pamela Bruce 1
07/11/2015 Del Monte KC WB/BOB (over a special) Mr. Alan E. Bennett 1
07/12/2015 Del Monte KC WB/BOB (over a special) Mr. Luc Boileau 1
09/05/2015 Redwood Empire KC WB Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy 1
10/03/2015 Donner Trail KC WB/BOS (over a special) Mrs. Terry L. Berrios 2
04/23/2016 Chief Solano KC WB/BOS Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy 1
04/24/2016 Chief Solano KC WB/BOW/BOB (over a special) Mrs. Cindy Vogels 2
Total: 9 pts