02.23.2017 - Starting March 12th you can view the American Pomeranian Club National LIVE on Youtube: APC Live!

02.19.2017 - Bran and Prue picked up more points this weekend!

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Pedigree Database

This is a database I have been compiling since 1999. It is in BXF format which is used by The Breeder's Standard. It currently contains over 90,000 Pomeranians.

I try to keep it as accurate as possible, but I'm afraid mistakes happen--misspellings, incorrect ancestry, etc. If you absolutely must know a pedigree for certain, please order one from the registry the dog belongs to. If you discover an error, please email me at silhouettepoms@silhouettepoms.com.

Download PEDIGREE.ZIP (3 MB) UPDATED 3/20/2013