02.16.2018 - Winston debuted in Colorado with co owner Brenda Heimbach by taking BOB over 3 specials!

01.14.2018 - Bran won BOB and a Group 4 his first weekend out in 2018. He will probably take some time off until summer due to shedding but hope to see more of him soon!

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Welcome to Silhouette! This beautiful slate was painted by Christine Heartz (Chriscendo poms). It is of our wonderful "Chad" Am/Can Ch. Chriscendo Communicado ROMX.

Our home - a 3 bedroom ranch with a converted carport that serves as a spare room. This room was our original dog room from 2007 until 2012, when we converted the detached garage (that is 3 yards behind the house) into a kennel. The dogs still spend most of the time playing in the house when I'm home.

Happiness is a kitchen full of poms! Our dogs have the run of the dog room & kitchen in the evenings.

Darcy modeling our fancy new fence in the kitchen (2013)

The dog playroom, right off of the kitchen. This is where our older puppies are kept, so they can be exposed to the activities in the house. The adults play in here in the evenings and weekends. The stairs here in the dog playroom lead into the kitchen and the glass door goes straight out to the kennel.

The other side of the dog playroom has the puppy area where the puppies can play by themselves.

Puppy pens & their play gym

Puppies at play

Nursery room for baby puppies in a spare bedroom in the house

Our favorite puppy whelping/raising pens with a cloth nursery bed.

Bird's eye view of puppy pen

Mom and babies snug in their nursery bed

We start litter pan training our puppies at about 3 wks old. They are not 100% housebroken at 12 wks, but they are well started and used to pottying on the tray!

The kennel aka the Pom Fortress, renovated in 2013 from our detached garage, with concrete runs for the dogs. We feel the concrete cuts down on pests as well as dirt but we do plan to fence in some of the grassy yard securely. The kennel is just a few feet behind the house and functions as basically an additional room in our home.

The kennel viewed from the rear

The smaller of the 2 yards, used for puppies, girls in season or anyone else who needs to be kept separate from the rest of the adults.

The larger dog yard with access to the deck & the walkway between the house and kennel.

The larger yard viewed from the kennel walkway

The rest of the larger L shaped dog yard

Dogs out on the deck, which overlooks both dog yards.

Two puppies enjoying the small puppy yard/walkway between the house & kennel.

Interior of the kennel 2016

The adults' crates where they sleep at night in the kennel.

A couple of pens and my grooming area in the dog room. The adults are usually only in pens here when I'm not home, as they are usually in the house when I am, but sometimes we have visiting girls or girls in season that have to be kept separate from the rest.

We have a sink in the kennel for grooming, cleaning, filling water dishes, etc.

One of the pens in the kennel. We only put 2-3 dogs per pen, with lots of toys and beds. They are generally only in here when I am out of town.

And that's the ruff life of a Silhouette pom!